YSB Participates in "Stop the Violence" Block Party in Fremont Neighborhood

The YSB Street Outreach staff recently participated in the Stop the Violence block party. WNDU-TV covered the event - click on title below to link to their coverage.

South Bend neighborhood hosts Stop the Violence block party

Kids throw water balloons at one another during the Stop the Violence block party at Fremont Park. The family event is geared to stop gun violence.

Before the school year resumes for every kid in South Bend, families in one community were invited out for a peaceful Saturday block party.

Dozens of adults and children came out to support the Stop to Violence message at Fremont Park. The event was hosted by the Fremont Youth Foundation to help bring the community together instead of violence tearing it apart.

Organizers were taking donations to give to the family of Shasta Horston, a young mother who was murdered last week.

People at Saturday evening's party say they want to teach kids to lead by example for future generations.

“It's the kids that are going to grow up and be the new leaders. We have to teach them at young ages that we have to stop the violence. We need to bring peace to the community. If not the world is scary. We have to make things better for our kids and then they can carry that on and teach their kids. So we got to start young so we can build,” Fremont Youth Foundation Organizer Kim Clowers said.

Those interested in joining the Fremont Youth Organization can contact Clowers at 574.703.8361.

Updated: Sat 11:49 PM, Aug 22, 2015

By: Shaun Gallagher - Email

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