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Street Outreach

Program Requirements:

Ages 21 and under

To Receive Services:

Call 574.235.5517 or 574.210.2238

About Street Outreach:
  • Street Outreach teams talk with kids right where they are - in local neighborhoods, at the basketball hoop at the parks, around school property, on the street, and at other hangouts.

  • The team seeks out young adults who are facing neglect, homelessness, or street and family violence. Young people who are pregnant or parenting are also in this target group. 

  • The experienced team of staff and volunteers develop trusting relationships with youth in an effort to provide needed support and assistance, aid them in what may be difficult choices, and help them navigate their options. Staff link them up with community resources for assistance with housing, job training, education, parenting, counseling, healthcare needs and legal assistance.    ​

Funding for Street Outreach is provided in part, by the following:

YSB exists because all youth deserve safety and stability.

Are you a youth in crisis or know a youth in crisis?


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