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Youth Service Bureau exists because all youth deserve safety and stability.


Every young person will thrive in a SAFE and SUPPORTIVE community.


YSB's ultimate goal is to ensure all youth have access to safety, shelter and the opportunity to succeed. We work to help youth repair foundations which have been damaged by abuse, neglect, homelessness and lack of resources by teaching them how to overcome the complex barriers to self-sufficiency. We do this through offering an array of services (emergency youth shelter, street outreach program, a drop in center, transitional living programs, independent living programs, individual and family counseling, case management services, Safe Place presentations and sites) which are offered completely free of charge to youth. Our entire community benefits when we can empower young people and give them the tools to build self-sufficient and successful lives.


Positive Youth Development is the primary philosophy that underpins all YSB programs. Youth will thrive when they have:

  • a personal sense of safety

  • a sense of well-being

  •  support to work toward a higher degree of self-sufficiency

  •  positive relationships with caring adults

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