Young Moms' Self-Sufficiency Program

Program Requirements:

Participants must be pregnant or parenting between the ages 16 - 24 Fathers who are between the ages of 16-24 are also welcome to join the program. All participants must reside in St. Joseph County.

To Receive Services:

Call the YMSSP office at 574.235.9231 to enroll in the program.

About the Young Moms' Self-Sufficiency Program:

The Young Moms' Self-Sufficiency Program (YMSSP) provides opportunities for young mothers to overcome the many, complex barriers to self-sufficiency and decrease the possibility of abuse and neglect. It helps women to identify realistic academic and employment goals, improve the health and nutrition of family members, increase a personal sense of competence and well-being, and foster a healthy relationship between both parents and children.

Bowsher Booher Foundation

Funding for the Young Moms' Self-Sufficiency Program is provided in part, by the following:

YSB exists because all youth deserve safety.