It is unacceptable for any teen or young adult not to have a safe place to sleep tonight.

with us heading into the cold months, we have a great need for the following:

  • deodorant

  • feminine products

  • hairbrushes & combs

  • toothbrushes

  • new socks

  • new packs of underwear

Donations can be dropped off at- 

2222 Lincoln Way West  South Bend, IN 46628.

YSB's Street Outreach team was contacted by a woman who was concerned about two teenage girls she and a co-worker saw changing their clothes in a parking lot.  


This woman approached the young ladies and asked if they would be open to accepting some help.  The girls agreed, and accepted water, school supplies and some clothing.  The woman also asked them if they'd be willing to meet with someone from YSB because the organization had resources to potentially help. The girls agreed.


The Street Outreach team sat with the girls for about half an hour – telling them about YSB and specifically about Safe Station.  The girls shared with them that they were homeless.  How this came to be is not yet known, but they agreed to go to YSB's Safe Station shelter.   


These two girls are currently attending a local area high school.  They had not disclosed to their teachers, or school staff about their situation.   


Both girls had been kicked out of their homes. One was still a minor. And the other had just turned 18. 

YSB's impact

Our community thrives when all youth are safe,

have stability,

and the opportunity

to reach their full potential. 

 make a positive impact for youth

Monthly donations to YSB have a great impact not only for ensuring the safety and stability of teens, but also in developing a stronger next generation, for this community. Consider making an impact today. 


Questions? Call 574-235-9231