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Did you know YSB is turning 50?

For 50 years, YSB has met young people right where they are, always providing immediate safety, shelter, and the opportunity for each one to create a new life story.

Your financial support has made this possible.

Fear, uncertainly, trauma, and stress were part of Kari’s life for much of her 19 years. After running away from an abusive situation and later exiting the foster care system, Kari is writing a new life story. Kari needed to be safe, and to connect with support and guidance. She has found that with the nurturing and professional staff at YSB’s Transitional Living Program.

Although Kari’s life story too often was one of darkness and despair, her new chapters are filled with hope and light.

Kari’s story could have taken a much different turn. Fifty percent of teens who age out of the foster care system become homeless within six months due to limited education, lack of support and being unprepared to live independently.

There is no magical holiday wish that will suddenly come true and fix challenges for Kari and those just like her, but there is you and there’s YSB. Together, we can help young people like Kari stay safe, find stability, and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

What will your gift actually do?

It will ensure that Kari has a safe place to live and sleep, so she can continue working, remain enrolled in college and complete her degree. At YSB, Kari has a place where she can connect with youth on similar journeys, where she will learn life skills, and develop the confidence to succeed.

“Honestly, I’d probably be out on the streets.” The program has “put a roof over my

head and I’ve had a chance to pull my feet back underneath me.”

– Kari, YSB Transitional Living Program participant

Your generosity means young people like Kari will have the resources they need to be the heroes and heroines of their own stories.

All they need is someone just like you to believe in them.

Thank you for being part of their story.

Our community thrives when all youth are safe,

have stability,

and the opportunity

to reach their full potential. 

YSB's impact

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 make a positive impact for youth

Monthly donations to YSB have a great impact not only for ensuring the safety and stability of teens, but also in developing a stronger next generation, for this community. Consider making an impact today. 

Funding for YSB is provided in part, by the following:

Lilly Endowment
Wells Fargo
Mathew Frank Moore Foundation
Indiana Housing and Development Authorit